New Year Rangoli Designs 2019

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New Year Rangoli Designs 2019

As a Indian, we love to celebrate a special day in a special way. When coming to religious views we have our own unique ways to celebrate our special days. Most of us usually use rangoli designs to make a special day look special. In our new new year rangoli designs 2019 article we will help you to get the best designs for the upcoming year. New year has always been so special and to make it more special lets start making something attractive. In this article we will go through many rangoli designs that you can surely try in new year day and also in most other occasions.

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New Year Rangoli Designs 2019


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New Year 2019 Rangoli Designs

We will start from simple designs to a bit advanced one, we will go through some video tutorials on how to make some designs and also we will follow some other guides to make yourself better in rangoli designs. If you are complete beginner in new year rangoli designs and haven’t tried advanced rangoli designs then try to do the easiest ones first and then move to advanced ones. If you start with the advanced ones, you will never get to the best design, so always start from the simplest.

Flowers Rangoli Design

This rangoli design is created with flowers and is know as flower rangoli design. But still you can try the same design with rangoli colors. All the colors used here is also available in rangoli powders which is great to make this design in same colors.

The design looks pretty simple with a simple white circle  followed by some petal like designs and finishes with a outer orange colors circle. This is a pretty small design that you can easily try and get it correct. You can also use diya in the end of the petal design like in the above image or you can also use it in your own ways.

Sometimes some of them like to use them in the center or sometimes in the last layer. However, always try not to make worst. try to keep the designs as simple as you can. Using lot of diya will also result in very ugly look. And these diyas are mostly used in the designs for night like Diwali day. We have something same here, mostly we enjoy the new year at night but still, you might also want to make a design which suites the daylight.

So always keep in mind to find the best designs that you can and then convert it to something pretty good. Most of the designs are created for a fixed time or day but it is you who need to switch the design according to your wish. You may not completely change the design but you will need to make some changes that make the design look better that the normal design that we provide. So, try to make small changes in the design.

Kite Rangoli Designs With Diyas

Another simple design that you can try in night and also in the day time. The design fully depends on how well you can do the design. This design needs to be sharp and also neat. You need each and every part of this design to be drawn pretty well. A simple mistake can spoil the whole design. The colors used here will help the design to get a different shape.

We have a inner circle with four different colors followed by a bigger circle with different set of colors. In the outer portion you can also see some simple design made with white powder. The white powder is the most used color here and it is the white powder which gives this design its complete look.

If you want this design for the night you can use the diya or if you want this design for a day time then just avoid the diyas. It is very easy to add or avoid diyas in this new year rangoli designs because the lamps are used in the sides of the design. If you want you can also add it in the center but it won’t be so flexible. You will not be able to change diya if you use it in the center.

Happy New Year Muggulu

It is very difficult to find which is the best design for this new year but still I had some research and found one design I did used and I think you guys will surely love this design.

This video was uploaded by Muggulu Rangoli Kollam for 2018 new year but it is still the best design. Even in 2019 this design can give a great look. If you are here just looking for one design then this might be the one you need.

Simple New Year Design For Beginners

I think you guys really know what you need to do here. You just need to changes some texts and also some designs if you want to. This design did be one of the best for the 2018 new year but when coming to New Year Rangoli Designs 2019, this design still works the same. This has every thing a design need to have. This is very simple design and also this design is very attractive. The designer of this design have done really well to make this design look best.

You can see how sharp did the designer made this design look. You can easily understand very edge of this design. I want you guys to follow the same style of designing a rangoli design. All the designs must be sharp and also try to keep all your designs simple. The colors used in this design also has a great combination of colors. All the colors used here matches very well. It is not that easy to find the colors that match each other but if you find some matching colors then you can make it look the best.

Rangoli Designs For New Year 2019

Now in this, New Year Rangoli Designs 2019 article we will take a step forward. We will move from simple designs to a bit hard rangoli designs. Hard rangoli designs means not that hard. You will need to practice a little bit before you move to these new year rangoli designs. You can really make a better design if you really try hard. It is never easy to get best designs. You will have to work for it.

Welcome Rangoli Design With Flower Design

With a look we can say that this design is created with a lot of work from the design. The designer will surely tried a lot to make this design look good. The result of his hard work is mostly here. However, this design is not that great. There are some problems with the design and use of colors.

The whole design is in a heart shape, the inner heart is of red and has a space for any text you like. You can write anything you want. As we are talking about New Year Rangoli Designs 2019, I suggest using New Year Quote or just a new year wish.

When coming to the next section the design has something like dotted border with white powder around the red heart. This dotted design looks good but personally I didn’t like it. I will surely go with solid border if I was asked to select one among dotted or solid line. The outer circle is in the yellow powder which matches with the inner red circle but in the outer circle the designer has used black dotted lines which took away the simplicity of the design. If the designer kept the design simple with just white dotted lines or simple white solid lines then this would have been better.

Stunning Welcome Rangoli Design

I know this is a bit advanced design but I just posted this design to let you know how well you can really create a rangoli design. Last two designs was based on the same event or they are same kind of rangoli design. But I am sure that you will choose this one if you are asked to do so.

This design has a pretty similar inner circle followed by great outer design. The border of this design is also dotted but you can see how good this design stand out from the last one. The design have used almost all the colors in this rangoli design of New Year Rangoli Designs 2019. So, I suggest not to add more colors to this design. However, you can try changing the colors. But try to keep the design as simple as you can.

New Year Muggulu

This design looks like very simple but this is not that easy design to try. Because this is a half circle design you will not have to worry a lot but still with the petal like design in the bottom to the simple multi-colored lines in the end has a great hands behind it.

The colors used in this design matches well. The designer has also tried to keep the colors less but have used different colors where he have to. I think you can easy get the shape of this design but to get the whole design correct and to achieve the sharpness you will have to do a lot of home work.

The white color is also used in this design to give the design a very good look. You can also try switching the colors used in the design but not the white color.

In most of the rangoli design white is one of the most needed color. Expected some peacock designs I has always noticed the white color used. And I support the use of white powder in the dark colors but try to keep the design simple. You can see that this design has a light green on dark green design in the center which looks good, in the same way the use of white colors in the dark colors like blue or red, it can give you very good designs. The combination of colors is one of the important factors that you will have to take care when you are designing rangoli designs.

The white petal like design above the orange design is not that good. The design misses something. I think the white petals are too closer than it should be. You might need to fix that to get this design correct.

Happy New Year Rangoli 2019

This was the rangoli design I used for last year. This video was uploaded by Pakka Local(a YouTube channel). There is 2-3 versions of this design. It is not that easy to make this design. However, the video really explains how to really make this design look better. This video was for the 2018 new year but this still works pretty good that is why I added it in New Year Rangoli Designs 2019 list. Like all other designs in New Year Rangoli Designs 2019 this also has a great use of colors. They have used every possible color they can. And it is the colors that gave this design a better look.

I don’t know whether you have noticed or not. The red and white colors are one of the best combinations that works in every design. Here also the designer has used the same combination to get the best look.

You know the change that you should make to this design. All you have to do is to add a quote or a new year wish in the design. If you really want this to mean you may add something like a new year wish or something like that. But still try to keep it small. Just a word is not that good for a design. The use of dotted border here is different from the other dotted borders we see, and this is kind of design I wish to do every time but it doesn’t match with every type of design.

Small New Year Rangoli Designs 2019

If you don’t have time in your hand then you should do try some small designs other than big designs. This design is very simple and just require less colors and time. The main color used here is white and you can have any other color with the design. Almost all the colors will match with the white color so choosing a color is not big deal. The design has a dotted design in the bottom followed by sun like effect in the top section. The inner section has a simple new year wish.

This design is great if you have very less space in you hand and also if you are doing it single handed. If you have a group with you then you can surely try some hard designs. Any hard designs will work if you have a group to share your work. I have seen many of them sharing their work to make the work a lot easier. And they ideas seem to work but not always. You may have heard the talking, “Too many cooks spoil the broth”. There is a chance that too many ideas spoil the design. So do it with a small group.

New Year Kolam

If you want something more special we really have some solutions for you. We have some new rangoli designs which will interest you. Most of us will be looking for an easy design which need very less time to complete and looks attractive. Can you find it? I think the answer can be 60% no and a 40% yes.

I have seen some designs which look good ever they are simple but those too take time. Because those designs are small you will have to make each section perfect to get a great design. A small mistake in a small design can spoil your design but in other hand a large design will surely have room for small mistakes.

Simple White Rangoli Kolam

If you want a simple rangoli design without much colors or without wasting that much time then this rangoli design will be perfect for you. This design has a flower like design in the center followed by diyas and flower design as the border. This design looks pretty good if you are drawing this in a dark floor. However, this is not that easy design to make. You will have to spend some time in perfecting the lines. If you don’t get the lines correct then you are surely going to fail.

The best thing in this rangoli design is the use of simple colors. There is just one color used, so you don’t have to worry about the color combination and that kind of stuffs. Try to start the design from the center than starting it from the end. All I can say about this rangoli design is that this is one of the simplest design we have in our New Year Rangoli Designs 2019 article.

Colorful Rangoli Design With Strokes

Another simple rangoli design without much fill in it. This design looks colorful, and also you don’t need so sharp designs to make this design look good. Most of you will be thinking where should you start designing this design. I have already told that you should design from the center to the end of the design but will that technique work here? I think, it won’t because it doesn’t have a center and doesn’t have a border to finish off.

The colors used here gives this design more attractive look. The use of orange powder with the white is one thing that I dis agree with the designer. Really the orange and white colors doesn’t match that well in this design in the same time the red and white really matches and gives a pretty good look. Not only the red also the rose powder matches well with the white powder to give it a better look. You can see that the most used color here is the white which is actually the best attraction in this design.

I suggest all of you to follow this technique, choose one color as primary color and then select other colors which match this primary color. Most of the design in New Year Rangoli Designs 2019 has a primary color and at least two secondary color. You main task is to find which is the primary color and the secondary color.

Muggulu Designs For New Year

Colorful Rangoli Design For Special Day

We all want our festival season to be very colorful, whether it is Holi or New Year, we will try out best to make it as colorful as we can. If you want to make this year so colorful this design will surely help you to do so. This design has a lot of colors with it which makes this design that colorful. You can see that a lot of colors are used in this design. Colors like pink, yellow, maroon, purple, red, blue and over all of them white is used to provide some space between these colors. This is a flower like design with is mostly made for some special occasions so make sure you use it that way.

Like the last design you don’t want to be that sharp with this design to. The curves are simple and is very easy to make. However, you will have to some research if you are trying to change the colors or if you want to try some other combinations.

YouTube is a great source of videos like tutorials and the best thing is that they are totally free of cost. However, it is a bit hard to find which YouTube channel is best for our favorite videos. We actually follow all the best rangoli channels so that we get every new video from them. And if you want to become a bit more expert by practicing then you should also follow them. I can’t mention all the channels here but I have selected some top channels in our list. You will really get more information from these channels. Subscribe them so that you don’t miss them.

Muggulu Rangoli Kolam – They are one of the top Youtube channels and they have around 80K listening to them, I myself have been following them for an year and is one of their first subscribers. They have a lot of Kolam designs that can really help you.

Easy Rangoli – This is another great Youtube channel run by Suneetha and has more than 500K subscribers and you will also come across 30+ playlist to practice daily.

Simple Rangoli – Simple Rangoli is home for 400+ videos and has more than 300K active members. They have been in rangoli designing for a long time now.

Three of them handle almost same kind of content but following all of them will give you a bit for additional knowledge other than you get from New Year Rangoli Designs 2019 and our blog.


Now let’s jump to the design that we so in the video. I think I have already shared one video which is similar to this one. The main difference here is that in this design there is very less designing to do. The design is of four flowers in the four corners and through the center you can have a new year wish.

As the main attraction of the design is the flowers you will have to focus mainly on these flowers. If you get the flowers done well then you will also get the design completed. You may also add some design for yourself. You may add some borders or some other similar design to make the flower look more attractive.

For those looking for simple designs that doesn’t need too much care I will surely suggest this. This is not easy but still it is. It is not that big but it has its own style. The colors, the size and everything matches and together is a great design for sure.

The border are sharp enough to make this design one of the best design for our 2019 new year. Nothing have gone wrong in this design other than the spread of some colors. And the spread is one of the common problem that even the professionals come across and that is not always a problem some of the even make spread to make the design look unique.

New Year Rangoli

This is another simple rangoli design that you will see in New Year Rangoli Designs 2019 article. This design is not that good but it is great for those who is just beginning the rangoli journey. I just included this in New Year Rangoli Designs 2019 article because I need all of you to see how can your designs look at first. All the great design that you see in YouTube, or any other blogs are result of hard work and great practice.

It is not about what design you have it is all about how you do that design. Even the worst design can be converted to a great design with a simple touch. But you will have to find that touch which is not that easy.

This is a bit more complex design. There are a lot of colors used here and also this design has many complex curves and also every curve should be that perfect to get this design right. From the center design to the last border design every section has great sharpness and good professional touch in it. The colors used here is also great. They used a great combination of colors that will look good in day light and also in the night.

You can also use diyas in this design if you wish. There is a lot of place to use diyas. You can use diya in the end of the pot design or you can use it in the center of the design. However, as I always say don’t overdo it. Some of them use a lot of things to make this design look better but the final result will surely go wrong. If you can keep the design simple then you will really love it

The flower design between the pot design also suits the whole design. The best thing I like in this design is the white powder used here. The white powder is is used in the right way in the right place. I usually do it in the same way but still something is missing in the whole design. I think it is the combination of colors. The colors are not so good each other. Trying some other colors will surely help to get a better look.

New Year Muggulu 2019

In this design we are really taking the rangoli design to the next level. The design starts with a simple center circle with petals design on it. And then it has a leave design around it. The leaf designs are set to 4 and it is then followed by number of other leaf like design which are in different shape.

You can also notice a lot of different colors of being used in this design. They haven’t over done the design. They have used everything in the correct level. The use of colors, the method of creating the design everything is correct. You might need to follow the exact same things used in this design to get the best result. However, you can always have a try. You can change whatever you didn’t like in this design.

Happy New Year Rangoli Design Gallery

This is actually one of my favorite design. I have made an variety of this design for independence day not only on independence day whatever day it is you can use this special rangoli design to get the best shape of the design. You can see that every section of the design has a popped effect or you can also say it as Dotted design. However, I like to say it as a popped design. The whole design is made in the same method. They have used the best colors that suits each other.

For me the best combination they have used is the first and the small circle in the center. Which has a outer line of white followed by green, purple, orange and light green. All this colors look very good in the design. However, it would have been much better if they used the white at the first place instead of the light blue. However, overall this design looks good and is really a need for beginners.

They have also left a open space after the small inner circle. Only try this if you have a plain white floor. Else if you can also try white powder there instead of leaving it blank.

Happy New Year Rangoli

New Year Rangoli Designs 2019

Another simple rangoli design which everyone can try. I am sure even if you are a beginner you will able to get this design right. You can actually design the width of the design. Here in the above design the inner circle is a bit big and the inner circle is filled with red powder. The red circle has a border of white powder in dotted design. After the inner circle there comes green and blue mix design. After that a white border is made with some designs.

You can choose whatever design you want in the end and also in the center. If you want you can write some new year wish in the center, after all our New Year Rangoli Designs 2019 article is about new year right?

The thing I hate here is the second layer of the blue and green mix. It really looks dull. The design would look better if the designer added something like brighter color there. And the other thing is the white border around the red circle. This border is not that good maybe it is because of the irregular shape of the border. You can see that the border changes its shape sometime.

If you want a perfect design you will need everything as perfect whether it is a circle or a single stroke. So try to make some sense when you draw shapes and circles. I also think the space used for this design is a bit larger than it needs. If the designer could fit it in a smaller design then this would have look better. If you are trying this out I will suggest you to decrease the space in the inner circle. Whatever the reason you won’t need that much space in the center.

New Year Rangoli 2019

This is a flower design which is better that all other simple design. This design is very good if you do it in the right way. But if you make a simple error then you will get a different design and it will surely be messed up. Flower design is always one of the hardest designs to try. However, with practice you can surely make it easier. Always remember to use white powder when you make the flower design. White is one of the most needed color you need for a flower design. Or I might also say white is one and only must color you need for a flower new year rangoli designs.

New Year Kolam 2019

We have just talked about a design which is similar to this one. However, this design in here is a bit more advanced. The core of the design starts with a red circle and then it is followed by a petal like small design with yellow powder and then it is followed by white solid border. The last time we so that the space between the inner circle and the outer circle left empty but here it is just opposite to it.

Here the designer really knows what she needs to do to get it right so she did that. After the small inner circle a small portion is left empty and then there is a flower design in circle. This designer has really done whatever she can to get this design the best. You can see that the flowers are in almost the same row. She have made it so carefully. After this flower section you can see a black space with just white powder nothing else.

But after the white space you will see a dotted border which consist of many different colors. After that you will come to a white dotted border. After the white border another petal like design is drawn but here there a bit more new year rangoli designs in the petals. The petal design has a center border of white dotted lines which I liked here.

If you look at this complete design you will come to see that the white color is the primary color used here. You can also choose some color like that. But I will surely suggest colors like white or light blue or light green. All these light colors will get some attraction also also provide the darker colors a bit more attraction like in all design of new year rangoli designs 2019.


We are going to finish New Year Rangoli Designs 2019 article. So I want all of you to comment how was your New year and how did the rangoli designs looked this time. You can also post the designs to our Facebook page Rangoli Designs. Or you can also email us your rangoli designs. We will surely have look at it and publish it the next time.

Always remember don’t copy other designs completely. You can copy the design layouts but copying a design completely and making it your designs doesn’t really seems good. So make sure you have done something unique this year. I just want you guys to try something special that no one have tried before. You can also comment on our designs and give us some feedback on which part we should really improve.

Don’t forget about the rangoli powders that you can buy from Amazon or Flipkart. Don’t just go with just one design stay with us to explore a world of designs. We will talk more like in New Year Rangoli Designs 2019 on every special occasions.

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