Little Boy Haircut Styles Latest Hairstyles

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Little Boy Haircut Styles Latest Hairstyles

Always when ever we see a child it catches our attention and also if the child has a good and attractive hairstyles obviously the first word which comes to our mouth is” wow its gorgeous”…..
Little kid haircuts is very much embarrassing now a days. The first and foremost thing you have to do is you should choose a better and trendy , stylish Hairstyles for your child. Here are some little boy haircut styles for your little prince depending on your tastes.

1. Side Swept Hair Cut – The Best Little Boy Haircut Styles

It is very simple little kid haircut that most of the parents prefer to have it. To get this style all you have to need to do is follow the natural hair division into the side ways and brush it. This is suitable for oval and round faces. It may not be suitable for boys with Square face but you can have a try

2. Faux Hawk:

This trendy Hair cut is very common and it is quite similar to that of Mohawk with mild difference in absence of shaved side. It is suitable for all types of face except oval.

3. Mohawk:

This is one of the latest trend in Hairstyle and it is not only for the kids but also for the grown up.  In this type even if your kid does not have long hair , he can still choose this stylish long, just to keep the hair longer only on the top and sides are partially shaved off. It can be attracting by giving colours.

4. Classic:

Most accepted trend in many countries for their cuties and the grown ups. It is not to short and not to shabby one. It keeps your little kid cute and tidy.

5. Long Hair Cut :


Most of the parents prefer to make the little one hair as short as possible for easy maintenance.. To make this a razor touch around the necks and ears makes long haircut. The Most special thing about this cut is that it does not make you look like that you have just come from salon.

6. Little Johnny Bravo:

little boy haircut styles
If your little prince has an oval or round face then obviously you can go with the perfect style.
It can be done by applying sufficient amount of gel and brush it with hands or you can use a vent brush. Make it up as much as possible.  Even for a nice finish you can even use a Hair spray.

7.Mess Bangs:


Because of this look it is commonly called as mop. This style can be achieved by some alterations around ears, neck and moving upwards. There are many different versions available of this style. So make sure that this one will match you.

8. Edged Out:


Short Hairs always gives my a better outfit. Edged out style proves it and make Edged out more dashing, you can add more lines and designs on the side.

9. Dashing Medium Length Cut:


This is a Super, cute little kid haircut. It can be done to boys of medium length hair. It start with altering around the neck and ears and top part being left out with longer hair.

10. Short Pompadour:


It is a trendy type for little kid hairstyle. Boys of all ages can use this style but it much more cute for toddlers due to their babyish look. In this hair cut both the sides of ear and neck are tampered and the top hair should be combed backward by applying sufficient amount of gel.

11. Classic Curly:


One of the best cut for those who have naturally curly hair. In Classic curly style both the sides and the upper or top part should be trimmed in a medium volume. This cut gives a better look in all age groups.

12. Elevated Top:


To make your little ones more outstanding look an excellent hair height should be maintained. This style has a charming effect and that makes your boy more handsome. To makes this style you should comb your hair forward and side hair towards the back of the head and side part should be trimmed off. Apply gel for a better out look.

13. Smooth Hipster Haircut:


The boys with medium hair and oval face looks so dashing in this looks. This can be done by showing off side hairs and leaving significant amount of hair on top.  For better finishing Apply hair cream and hair spray.

14. Classic Wispy Cut:


It always catches the attention of the parents by the word “Classic”. In this type hair is kept short around ears and increases the size going upwards. It is a clean and simple haircuts for all age groups.

15.The Spiky Haircut:


This type is a great style for all those who have thick and straight hair.  The sides and top are kept shorter and hair should be blended on the top, by applying some kinds of hair cream.

16. Cropped Haircut:


To get this style, hair should be in a uniform size and then apply some cream or gel to the hair to make it a better style and use fingers to brush the hair up by creating a part on the side and giving finishing touch with a good hair spray.

17. Modern Mullet:


Each and every child has different types of character. Different Hairstyles can be given according to the child’s character. One such kind of hairstyle is Modern mullet cut.  In this style hair is trimmed off except the back lower part.  This gives a perfection in little boy look.

18. The Butch Out:


This style is also called as the burr. It is popular in all age groups. This is very short type of buzz cut. It looks similar to military cut. Usually this involves shaving the hairs of the sides and back and top part should be short in length. It is good for boys who plays out door games.. For this type of hair cut ask the barber to give a butch cut.

19. Short With Shaved Waves:


If your parents are interested in creativity you can opt this style.  The basic two types of elements in this are wave pattern on the two sides. It gives an awesome look for all hair types and face shapes.

20. Combed Back Haircut:


It is a type of casual cut. It looks marvelous in different situations. You can have a try on your boys head without any tension and worries. It gives a better result in those who have a straight, shiny hair. This little boy haircut styles also gives a natural look.

21.Textured Curly Undercut :


This little boy haircut styles style is not same as in the image but is almost like this. This is a trendy little kid haircut for the boys with curly hair. It gives a undercut in front portion but also allows to maintain a natural hair curls. The curls can be cut with the shape of your face and makes your boy a tidy look.

22.Straight Shag:


This one in little boy haircut styles article is a type of trendy haircut for boys because of the easiness and low maintenance come. It is best for the boys with round faces. This gives a simple and amazing look to your little. Prince. In this style hair is combed to one side if you have a straight hair, if not you have to straight it with using an iron rod.

23. Vertical Haircuts:


It is usually best for the summer holidays and for other holidays. Your prince looks so classy in this look. This cut can be done in both short or long hairs. It usually gives a nice effect to hair. It is matching for all faces and also gives an attraction. The hair should be applied with wax or gel to make  complete perfection and to stand in proper place.

24. Modern Little Boy Cow Click:


If your little  boy has a type of thick hair then It would be very tough to manage It with. So this cut will gives  u a better outfit. In this cut the hair is short  on the sides and longer at the top by applying gel or cream, it makes your hair look wet and elegant.

25. Straight Fringe:


This is a trendiest look in both little ones and older one. It will be more matching formal look for the school days and a casual weekend look. It is usually suitable for the boys with long faces because of the fringes covering on the fore head, that is till eyebrow level (it is fully your wish, it can be more or less than that). This might be little bit complicated for the normal person but an efficient stylist can be done with ease.

If your kid looks so stylish and embarrassing as his parents can be proud enough. The best way to make your baby marvelous is you should give a better hair cut which is most suitable for your baby and also it should  be done carefully. And even you can experiment to above 6 years as your kid grows and until you get a perfect outstanding look in him. Make sure you share this little boy haircut styles article with your friends.

little boy haircut styles

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