Haircut For Round Face Men

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Haircut For Round Face Men

Round face is one of the popular face shapes. There are several hairstyles which will match men with round face. But most of them are for those who have thick hair. In this haircut for round face men article, we will go through the best hairstyles. Before that let’s have a look at the short index of the article

  • Short Hairstyles For Men With Round Face
    • Classic pompadour
    • Faux hawk
    • Short And Spiky
    • Side part
    • Flat top
    • Short Pompadour With A Fade
    • Short Comb Over
    • Spiky Top With Medium Sides
  • Medium Hairstyles For Men With Round Face
    • High Volume Haircut
    • Side Swept Bangs
    • Asymmetrical Messy Fringe
    • Vertical Style
    • High Volume Undercut
    • Slicked Undercut
    • Messy Medium Spiky Hairstyle
    • Textured Angular Fringe
    • Side Swept Textured Fringe
  • Long Hairstyles For Men With Round Face
    • Long Relaxed Style
    • Wavy Pompadour
    • Curly and Messy Hairstyle for Medium Length Hair
    • Tapered Afro Top
    • Messy and Carefree

Short Hairstyles For Men With Round Face

1. Classic Pompadour

best hairstyle for long face man

If you have men hair and require a simple but trendy hairstyle, classic pompadour is the best choice. A thick bread with this hairstyle is also great to increase the style of this hairstyle.

2. Faux hawk

Faux Hawk is a trending hairstyle for all generation. There is no actual length for hair to try faux hawk but it will look better if your hair is 3 – 4 inches long. However, you can try it with just 1-inch long hair but it won’t be attractive. There are many different versions of the same style, so choose the best.

3. Short And Spiky

Spiky is not a new hairstyle but every day a different version of spiky hairstyle is out. If you wish to have spiky hair without much time to spend on styling then this is the best hairstyle for you. This is not only a haircut for round face men but for all men with all face shape and also thin hair.

4. Side part

The side part is a perfect hairstyle for anyone who likes to keep their hair to one part. The hair length or hair type is not actually a problem. However thick hair is the best.

5. Flat top

A perfect hairstyle for men with curly hair. They just need to keep top short. Men with straight can also try this hairstyle but curly men will look the best.

6. Short Pompadour With A Fade

The same simple pompadour style but here a fade is added on the sides. The fade will give a trendier look for men with round face. Not only round face men but also square and heart face shapes will also match with this hairstyle.

7. Short Comb Over

Comb over is not so attractive in short hair. if you have medium or long hair then this hairstyle is one of the most attractive but still, you can try comb over with short hair to have a clean look.

8. Spiky Top With Short Sides

Make the spikes in the top short as possible. Do not make the spikes only in the center make it all over. Now make sure that you don’t have facial hair. Because this hairstyle never supports facial hair. However, this actually is a hairstyle for medium hair guys but it will look more stylish with short hair.

9. Pompadour Beard

A simple pompadour hairstyle with a thick bread. The sides can be fade or as simple as it is. However, to attain a clean look fade is the best option. Fade will give you a little trendy look.

10. Side Swept Messy

A messy hairstyle is always a great way to look like a crazy guy. Make the top part little long and messy while the side should be clean and short or faded.

Medium Hairstyles For Men With Round Face

1. High Volume Haircut

If you have thick hair then why should you worry? Using some products to get high volume in the top will help you to be better. The sides can have a face or simple short sides as your wish.

2. Side Swept Bangs

A simple hairstyle which can be easily customizable. Growing your hair a little longer and keeping it to one side. This haircut for round face men can get a trendy look by making it side part. Whatever the hair type you have, you can try it but you will need to have a straight hair.

3. Asymmetrical Messy Fringe

Another messy hairstyle which can be tried by anyone. Here the fringe has a medium length. The sides are also medium length. It is better to avoid facial hair with this hairstyle.

4. High Volume Brush up

A medium length brush up hairstyle. You will require thick hair to get the best result of this hairstyle. The key is to use products to get this style done well. You will need to use products for texture hold and also for volume. You can have a thick disconnected bread to have an extra style.

4. Angular Fringe and Beard

Short sides and back part of an angular fringe in the top. You will need to have medium thick or thick hair to try this hairstyle. This hairstyle will look good with and without bread. This haircut for round face men will look best if you have natural curls. However, now its so easy to create natural looking curls.

5. Vertical Style

Most of the hairstyle which suits men with round face is simple looking ones.  However, all of them needed a medium or long length to look the best. Here the sides and the top is combed well and maintained with not much style. A thin layer of bread is also good with this hairstyle.

6. High Volume Undercut

One of the best hairstyle for men with thick hair and round face. Keeping high volume in the top with an undercut. Here also bread is good for the extra style. You will need to straight the hair in the top to get the best result.

7. Slicked Undercut

Another undercut style. The length of the hair on the top is of medium length and the sides are like the simple undercut. But you can style the sides as you wish.

8. Messy Medium Spiky Hairstyle

Messy spikes are not so attractive but if you wish to then you can have it. The sides and the back have a clean look while the top is messy.

9. Textured Angular Fringe

Adding some texture to the hair on the top. You can have some bangs or some curls in the end. However, you will need to use a good amount of products to get a good look.

10. Side Swept Textured Fringe

You know what is textured fringe, isn’t? Just using it with a medium length side-swept haircut. Curly hair is the best option to make this haircut for round face men complete. A clean face is also recommended to get the best result.

Long Hairstyles For Men With Round Face

1. Long Relaxed Style

You can’t make it any simpler. Very simple long hairstyle. He has just used some dye for a stylish look nothing else. You can also make the ends rolled or curled according to your wish. But curls and rolls may change the look of the style.

2. Wavy Pompadour

Pompadour will always give a clean look. Here also the top part has a clean look with long wavy hair. You may not know how much length the hair has in the first look but it is really long. A thick bread is good with this style. You can also have a thin layer of bread

3. Curly and Messy Hairstyle for Medium Length Hair

Another simple haircut for round face men. This hairstyle is only for those who loves the long curly hair. The top has a real long hair. There is nothing you need to do. You just need to grow it as long as you can and enjoy your new hairstyle. Because the top part is wild you can have a wild looking facial hair too but clean face gives a better look.

4. Tapered Afro Top

This hairstyle is based on the idea of the tapered side with a long top. If you have curly hair and loves long hair then you should try this. There is nothing special in this hairstyle but you will have to care the hair a little bit. You can attain a different version of this hairstyle by making the top curly. Or you can make it messy and have a thick long bread or something crazy like that. Its all your wish.

5. Messy and Carefree

Men with thick hair have many choices to style themself up. This layered hairstyle is one of them. Just grow your hair long and then make the long sides and also back messy. You can try a different look my straightening a section in the front or do something more stylish. However, make sure that you avoid facial hair with this hairstyle. Facial hair will not match with this hairstyle.

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