Ganesh Rangoli Designs For Competition 2018

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Ganesh Rangoli Designs For Competition 2018

Wikipedia describes rangoli as an art form that is found in South India. And they also say that we use materials like colored rice, dry flour, colored sand or flower petals to make the best Ganesh Rangoli Designs For Competition. Are they correct? I think they are but not full. Rangoli is something more than just a art form. Each and every one of us really look forward to rangoli designs to express our self. Yeah! I know it is what art mean but still guys I thing rangoli is way to complicated than simple arts.

However, rangoli designing have given many a of living. We know there are many rangoli blogs(like us), YouTube channels which gives a detail video tutorial on how to do rangoli designing or by showing the best rangoli techniques that you should always know. And you can also see some rangoli color sellers in Amazon, Flipkart and all other major online stores.

All these job market have been open because of the number of designer in the rangoli industry. More than that the designers are trying to find something new in the industry. Everyone wants something unique. All of them are searching for new opportunities. There are also several competitions conducted around the south India and also in north India to find best rangoli designs and of course the designers too.

Today in this new article of Ganesh Rangoli Designs For Competition 2018 we will talk about the best rangoli designs that you can surely use for any competitions. We have made this Ganesh Rangoli Designs For Competition 2018 article as a article for those who wants to go for a competitions.

So by keeping that in mind lets start our Ganesh Rangoli Designs For Competition 2018 article.

Ganesh Rangoli Designs For Diwali

Ganesh designs are really popular design for some special occasion like Diwali, however, it is not that easy to make Ganesh designs. It will be really hard to create a design for competition. As you know in competitions you will need to have pretty sharp designs and you will also need to make this design attractive in the given time. If you face a error then you will not get that time to change the error. So you should need to be very careful when creating Ganesh designs for competitions. Ganesh designs are very easy to make mistakes, you will need to really master every section to make Ganesh designs attractive.

Ganesh Rangoli Designs For Competition

At the first you may say that the whole design is a easy task expect the Ganesh design in the center. But trust me both the background and also the Ganesh design is pretty difficult. The background has a fade effect which starts with a dark orange and then ends with pure white or maybe a light orange. And above the this fade or gradient you can see a Ganesh design which is just stokes but it is really made very well. The designer has really made the whole design look good. You can very easily notice all those small things here.

The colors used here is another factor which gave this design a pretty decent look. However, I hate the color they used for Ganesh. Not every place but the dark colors they used doesn’t really match the design. Also I don’t think the outer design of this rangoli design was needed. It was pretty okay with the circle. Maybe they have tried something unique but really I didn’t like that. I think this design would have been much better that how this design looks. However, it is all about the designer and their choice.

So if you are satisfied then move on, don’t listen to me.

Ganesh Rangoli Designs With Dots

rangoli designs ganesh festival

I know what you are thinking. You will surely be think how can you make this design? It is not that easy but it is still possible. However, you will need to be sharp in your designs and also you need to select the best colors available. The thing I hate in this design is the eye of Ganesh. I don’t think that is the way to make his eyes. A great designer who made this design is really great but he should also have taken care of the small factors like this. As you can see there are some problems in this design but if you can change all those then you are going to have a great design for sure.

Also the border design is not that impressive. They could have made it a bit more interesting. The flowers in bottom is also not that impressive. But by taking the design as whole this design is really good. As I said, every design will have something lacking, its our duty to find that and change it to a better one.

Peacock Ganesh Rangoli Designs For Competition 2018

ganesha dot rangoli

When you are going to a competition you will need every section of the design to look the best. But the truth is that you will never be able to find a design which is fully perfect. This is a peacock design but with the peacock design the designer have also added the dotted Ganesh design. The bottom part of this design has some stroke design. I think the designer tried to make it look like the tail of the peacock. Whatever, they tried they haven’t been successful in that. You can remove that of change it to some other design to get out of that ugly look.

I also think the designer missed something in the peacock’s face. This peacock looks very simple, if you are really looking for a rangoli design that to use in a competition then you will need to make it fully perfect.

However, the best thing I like about this design is the drawing thing that the designer done on the peacock. The designer have made peacock look pretty good. The border of the design is also good, the use of blue and purple looks really good with the design.

Simple Ganesh Rangoli Design

lord krishna rangoli designs

This really looks simple, right? Yeah! it is simple. Simple than most of the designs that we talked in this article. I don’t think that this design is that great for a competition but really this design is good for your daily rangoli work or practice. You can see how clean the designer have keep this design. The colors used here is really light. The two dark colors used here is red and blue. All other colors in this design is light colors.

This design can be used to improve your sharpness. If you good sharpness in this design you can surely try new and complex designs.

This is one of the best design that you will find in Ganesh Rangoli Designs For Competition 2018 article. This design has everything in it. They have used both dark and also light colors in this design and this design looks good.

In the center of the design you can see the Ganesh design. The Ganesh design looks great but the colors used in this design is not that attractive. You can see that the Ganesh design has a maroon color in as the primary color with black as the border. But black border is really something that the designer shouldn’t have used in here.

After that the designer has left a small space between the center design and the border design. In the border the designer have given a diya like design. If there is something that make this design special then it is the border diya design. We can see that the designer has really done his best here.

This design is pretty good in  the completed form. However, you can make some changes in the colors or the shape but try to keep it low.

images of ganesh ji for rangoli

Another Ganesh Rangoli Designs For Competition 2018, but here the design is a lot more easy that the last design. This design will get pretty good look by using rangoli colors and also flowers. It is your wish which you should really use. The best thing in this design the gradient color used in this design. You can see the designer has used some gradients like light blue for dark blur, kind of red for orange.

But even after all this is done, the design don’t look that impressive. The one reason is that they have kept the gradient sharp, they haven’t done the fade effect in the gradient. And the second reason is that the colors used for gradient is a bit different. The center has got a bit big Ganesh design followed by a blank space filled with red color. And also you can see a border with orange color. I did like everything in this design.

Ganpati Rangoli Designs

ganpati rangoli design images

Another design with really useful if you going for a competition. This one of Ganesh Rangoli Designs For Competition 2018 is really is a complicated design. You might not understand where to start the design or where to end it. It is one of the most complex designs that I have ever come to see.

It is created in a very difficult way to understand. But if you understand it then you are going to rock. You have to know how to design every section individually.

best rangoli designs of gods

This is completely a flower rangoli design that will some hard to get it correct. It is a bit hard to get rangoli designs perfect with flowers. You can see that the center circle is not that big but it really has a great Ganesh design in it. It has a background of white flowers with Ganesh design over it. It might seem easy not its isn’t that easy. You can design a Ganesh with flowers like you do it with rangoli powders. But here the best thing is that you can still do some edits even if you got something wrong. After the center circle then you have a small blank space and then the border. This border can be done in anyway you can.

In overall I don’t think this design is that good for a competition. While comparing this design with Ganesh Rangoli Designs For Competition 2018 you can see that most of the other designs are a bit hard than this but all of them is much better than this. So it is all about what you choose. If you want a simple design then this is the best selection but if you want a neat design which looks great then you might need to select something else from Ganesh Rangoli Designs For Competition 2018.

ganesh festival rangoli

This is a perfect design for those who want a a neat design as well as a small design. This design is small enough and also this looks very sharp. All you want here is to make this rays sharp. The whole design starts from the white Ganesh design in the center. The white Ganesh has a border of yellow and different types of green powder. The layer of green and yellow rangoli powder is the best here. The Ganesh design looks pretty good. The designer did leave a small space in between the Ganesh and the border which makes this design look good.

Then you can see that their is a small space in between the center circle and the border. The border is kind of dotted border. However, the dot is a bet big. You can make this dot a bit smaller if you want. But I am really satisfied with the way that the designer have made this design.

They have measured how every section of this design would look. And also made the design a bit more comfortable in the same way. You can also see that there is lot of space for us to keep diya or any other lights according to our wish. The whole white powder used here gives the design a better look. They have used white powder in the same level.

ganpati rangoli designs images

This is one of the best design you will get from this Ganesh Rangoli Designs For Competition 2018 article. This design really suits in a Diwali night. This design is all about Ganesh. You can see there is no background for this design. This design is not that wide or not that small. This is in the correct size.

But some things that I didn’t like about this design is the color used in the back of Ganesh and the color used for the rat. The placement of diyas are also not that good. This design could have been better if the designer really took some time to make the real look. You can also see that the white powder really shows how the designer took it. However, the red color used here gives this design a completed look. The designer should also try to keep the white powder in the same way he did with the red.

Simple White Ganesh Rangoli Kolam

Some of you may not what so colorful design. Whatever the reason is, you need a simple and easy design. This is the only simple design that you can get. There is only one color used here. The white color gives a better look and also makes it easy to create a new rangoli design.

The main thing you will have to take care when you make some stroke designs like this is the sharpness of the strokes. The strokes need to be the sharpest. If you could get sharp strokes then you will get this design done. This design will also help you to know more about how to design a perfect rangoli design.

You will need to try designs like this to get yourself prepared for the huge designs that we saw in Ganesh Rangoli Designs For Competition 2018 article.

There are a lot of Ganesh rangoli designs. Some of them really help you and make sure that you win the competition if you do it in the right way. But some of them will help you to be prepared for the competition. What do you think this design will do? Yeah! this design is not that good design for a competition but you can still use it if you going to a small competition. There is no need to make a big, large or very attractive rangoli design if you are going for a small design. But most of the time we will not be able to say is this a small competition or a big one.

The best thing to do is to be ready for anything that comes. You can start with simple designs like this in your home and then move to hard rangoli designs. You will need to try so hard in your home to master it within months. However, if you do it for years then you will surely be a master for yourself.

You can add some effects in the side or in the corners to get this design a more stylish look. Try this for your next day. This will surely be good for you to practice.

Simple Ganesh Rangoli

Most of the designs that I pointed in this Ganesh Rangoli Designs For Competition 2018 article is a bit hard. But there will be many who are looking for simple designs which are small and are very easy to do. If you are one of them then this design is really for you guys.

rangoli for ganesh festival

You can never find another rangoli design that is better than this. This is one of the most used design. This design is perfect if you have a small function or if you want a Ganesh design in your home for tomorrow. This is designed in a simple rectangle shape. The rectangle is filled with red color and with the white border. If you think you want some stylish design then you can make the edges of this design curved.

But it will also be good if you make the sides same as here. However, in the inside of the rectangle you will need a Ganesh design which is not that big or that small. You will need to match the Ganesh design with the height and the width of the rectangle you have.

The best thing here is that there is only two color used here. You will not need to use different colors in this design. Usage of color is also a factor that makes a design simple. This design has that thing in it.

You can also change the shape of this design if you want to. You just need to make a circle and then you can do the same Ganesh design in the center. Whatever, you do try to do it in a simple way and also try to keep it as clean as you can.

Simple Ganesh Rangoli Design

rangoli design for ganpati with om

This might not look that easy as the last design we talked about in Ganesh Rangoli Designs For Competition 2018 article. But trust me this is a lot easier than all other designs. There is just two circles in the design. The first circle has a color of maroon and then the second circle has a light fill. You just need to make a Ganesh design in the first circle. The neater your Ganesh looks the neater the design looks. I think you will really want it as simple as you can. There is nothing that complex in the Ganesh design.

If this design is for some special occasions like Diwali then you can add some diyas in the border or you can also add diyas in the center of the circle or anywhere you wish too. You can make this design without much effort. You will also not need that much time to design this one. The only thing that takes time in this design is the Ganesh design in the center. There is also a space for a special wish in the bottom or you can have a wish quote in the second circle. However, use matching colors to get it right.


ganpati rangoli images

This is another simple ganesh design. This design also has same type of design that we seen in the last design. The only change that I noticed here is the dotted border in this design. Here in this design you can notice a simple dotted type of border with small blue dots and the white dots over it. However, the designer was not able to make the dot very impressive. The dots are not in a straight line, it is a mistake from the designer. If you want a neat design then you will surely need the dots or the border design in  straight line.

In the center you can also see a Ganesh design which is a bit big than a normal one. You can also see that there are many other colors used in this Ganesh design. There is not many colors but there are some of them. Here you can see the colors like Red, White, Blue, Yellow. However, this design is still simple, there is not much that you will need to do in here. The design fully depend on how you make the Ganesh. Here the designer have use some more colors to get the design good.

dot rangoli for ganesh festival

This one also look simple like the last two of them that we talked about. However, this design is a bit more complex. The designer have used a curved like border in this design which is one of the biggest change that I like in this design. Then the next change is that the designer has added some more color in the design. You can see the use of different colors made this design look more better.

The Ganesh design in the center of the design is also attractive however, it is not that good. There is something the design should have take care about. The design have used yellow solid borders for the design in which I agree with him but after that you can see that the designer also have used a dark color in the inside of Ganesh which is a kind of weird. And also the yellow stroke doesn’t look that attractive. The designer should have taken this thing in consideration. The border design used here which the mix of some colors really matches the whole design and I strongly support that design. You can see the main colors used here is white, and red. I also didn’t like the black colors used in the design.

easy ganesh rangoli design

This is a simple white Ganesh kolam that can be done very easy. I have been able to master this with a day. However, you will have to practice a lot to get the sharpness of the design. The designer above is not that sharp in their design. If you observe it carefully you can notice it. But still the designer have done the best they can to make it look simple and also interesting. Because there is only one color you can make this design without much risk.

Ganesh Rangoli Photo

rangoli for ganesh chaturthi

This is not a simple but not that hard flower ganesh rangoli design. We have really seen some flower designs in this Ganesh Rangoli Designs For Competition 2018 article. Most of the have been looking good. This is also good, the color of flowers used here is a bit different from the colors we seen before. The best thing of the flower rangoli design is that you can easily customize the design you will also get a bonus when coming to changing some thing sin the design.

For example think that you use a rangoli color instead, so if a small piece of rangoli color just fall off the design then you will need to work a lot to remove it but when coming flower design it is very easy to remove a petal of flower and then use another color. There are a lot of colors used in this design. But I think the green color really didn’t match with this design. And if you are using some green leafs trust me that you will not get it that correct.

As most other rangoli designs in Ganesh Rangoli Designs For Competition 2018, I suggest to use rangoli colors if you are really missing some flowers. And it is a bit difficult to find some colors. However, when coming to rangoli colors you can find rangoli colors in the streets at cheap price, it will surely be cheaper than flower. And also if you want you can get it from online stores. So in almost every angle rangoli colors are better than flowers but when coming to ease of use, you should decide which you want.

A kind of kite design with four border design. This is also a great design for competitions. Like most of the other designs in Ganesh Rangoli Designs For Competition 2018, this design also looks great and it will be better if you use this one for some special events like Diwali night.

The whole design is in a kite shape, in inside of the kite you can see a Ganesh design with white stroke and orange fill. One thing that I noticed in this Ganesh Rangoli Designs For Competition 2018 design is that there is a small line going through the orange fill. This line is not that well drawn but if you could get that line correct then you will surely be able to get this design look good.

The border is of light green and has another dark green border. Both these borders are styled with dotted design. Dotted borders are good if done right, and here the designer was able to get it right. After the border you can see a boxed design in the four sides of this kite. And most all this looks really good. However, the designer couldn’t get this good everywhere. You can see the boxes in the right side is not same as the come in the left bottom corner. So I was saying that you should really take care of all these small mistakes to get this design done well.

Easy Ganesh Rangoli Designs For Competition 2018

ganesh rangoli designs with dots

This is one that you can use for your competition. There will be a Ganesh design in the center and then you can see another layer of green powder with some white designs in it.

And the next section has a combination of two colors. The colors used here is orange and yellow. Both of them are light colors and also they are bright and looks good with red or green. The use of white powder in the whole design is one of the that I like a lot. Above the mixed layer you can also see that a white design is drawn with gives that layer a design like grid. After that layer you can see some round design. The circle is filled with a color and has some design at the end. This can be use to place a diya in the night or you can also use it to give the design a different look.

ganesh rangoli designs for diwali

This one is also pretty simple design. Here you can see the borders only in the four sides. You can see the borders are crossed each other and the corners still have some combination of colors to make this design attractive. Here the colors used is blue and purple white white dots over it. However, one thing that I didn’t like in this design is the color used as the background in this design. The color doesn’t match with other dark colors in this design of Ganesh Rangoli Designs For Competition 2018.

You can also see there are some more design made in the border of this design. The Ganesh design in the center is also not that perfect. There is something that the designer will have to improve but in a first look this design looks good.

Easy Ganesh Rangoli Design

ganesh rangoli designs for competition

This is a great design if you are trying for some design for a Diwali or some other special occasion. However, this is really for a diwali day. However, it is you how does the design and you can choose when you want this design. This design has a simple design in the center with a blue background followed by a white border. You can also see the use some leaves and flowers in the border. This design is good for those who is new to rangoli design. This design will help you learn more about rangoli design.

This videos will help you a little to be track on rangoli design. As I see this is not that great design design. There are many other designs which are better this one in Ganesh Rangoli Designs For Competition 2018 article. However, you will need to do designs like this to know more about design. You may have heard many saying practice until you perfect it. It is the same you want to do here. Try to make the design as good as you can.

Ganesh Rangoli Photos

easy ganpati rangoli designs

I have been showing many designs through out this article. I’m sure that you are only going to love one or more designs here. Whatever, it is just try every design which we talked about in this article. That is the best way to make more of our guide.

Here in this design the design have made a simple Ganesh face without any background or any other design. Yes there are some white border designs but still the main attraction is really the Ganesh design here. However, the designer have used some gradient in the the design. And this gradient looks good. This one has a simple and nice fade effect which makes us feel that the dark orange color is turning to lighter one. However, I will also suggest you guys to use some kind of background in these design so that you will get a more better look. I also dislike the white strokes that use in the Ganesh’s face.


Yes! It seems impossible until its done. Am I overdoing it? I think I am. But whatever it is, I think you will need to practice with many designs to get yourself ready for a competition. I don’t think that a rangoli expert is gonna read the full blog post. If you are an expert you would have chosen the design you wanted and closed our blog by now and if you are still reading this then you are surely not a professional but you will be someday, won’t you?

There are lot designs in YouTube and also in Facebook. We have a YouTube channel without 100’s of video. We also have around 80+K audience. I think it will be good for you to join us. We have a lot of design and you can really get a lot from our YouTube channel. We have a lot of videos that will help you to check how to make your designs better. And we also have a lot of tutorial in our channel. You can use these videos to practice more rangoli designs.

We also have a Facebook page and group. If you are interested then join our page and group. You can post your designs there and also you will get a lot of design from a lot of members. All our members try to share a lot of content together. You can also be a part of our family from our group.

We also have a mobile app which also shares a lot of articles. Our app is also for beginners who want to learn more about rangoli design. Be sure to check all these things other than our Ganesh Rangoli Designs For Competition 2018 article.

We will end this article here, but be sure that you comment or ask anything you want about rangoli designs or anything that we discussed in this article. You can also get to us from our app or also from our Facebook page.

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