Easy Rangoli Designs For Diwali 2018 Designs

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Easy Rangoli Designs For Diwali 2018 Designs

It is everyone’s dream to keep Diwali colorful as they can. Most of them try to light up Diwali lights to bring the most of the Diwali light. However, rangoli is also one of the main attraction of Diwali night. No one will be impressed by your normal rangoli designs, you will to make something special to make it look the best. We are here to help you to do the best rangoli designs which will stand out from all others. So get ready to with all the materials and get started with our easy rangoli designs for Diwali 2018 tutorial.

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Simple Rangoli Designs For Diwali

First is first, let us start with simple rangoli designs and then move to much complex ones. Here we will see how simple rangoli designs can change the look of the designs.

Easy and colorful dotted rangoli

rangoli designs for diwali

I thought keeping the simple designs in the top will help beginners to find the simplest designs first. If you are a rangoli expert then you better scroll down to see what awaits you. To get this design all you have to do is to make borders first and then sync it. In this way you can make sure that you get the best design. All be sure to start a rangoli design from the center and extend it. Most of the beginners start it from the end by thinking that they can end it in the center but trust me, if you try so you will not be able to complete it as you think. You may be able to complete simple designs but it is hard to complete advanced designs with reverse method. However, it is still possible but takes a lot of experience.

Peacock Rangoli Design With Diwali Lights

easy rangoli designs for diwali

Peacock Designs are one of the most difficult rangoli designs to master. The Peacock designs are a lot difficult than any other designs out there. These designs can go wrong with a simple mistake. Just look at the below image which actually says how hard is rangoli designs.

simple rangoli designs for diwali

The above one is just a reference to how hard the peacock design can be. However, it is the hardness that determine the beauty of the rangoli design. Most difficult rangoli designs gives most beautiful ones.

So, I was trying to prove that this peacock design is pretty simple while comparing to others out there. You can complete this design with just 4-5 colors and you can also complete it within an hour even if you are a complete beginner. Diwali lights are also one of the main attraction of this peacock design. You can add some styles for yourself if you wish to.

If you want to have a bit more complex design then this video is for you. With this video tutorial you can learn how to draw a powerful peacock rangoli design. However, this video is not for those who need a expert look with simple design.

Best Rangoli Designs For Diwali

best rangoli designs for diwali

This seems pretty simple but it is not that simple. This one is so neat and has various colors used. This one has a south Indian touch with a pretty good lamp in the center and can make your special day feel special. Remember to use the colors wisely so that you don’t spoil its look. You may change the colors but not much. If you are a starter then you may not be able to do it alone. So it is better to ask some one to help you even if you think you can do it.

Deepavali Rangoli Designs

First we will have a look at the simple one and then move to the advanced one.

deepavali rangoli

As I said this is pretty simple, even if you are a complete beginner you can easily do this design. All you need is a guide or a reference image, now you have it so there is nothing else you need you can simple start by drawing two circles and the design as you see in the image. You can have lamps in the center or in the sides both are pretty good designs. You can select anything you like or you can combine both together to have better look.

deepavali rangoli designs

This one is a really advanced one. You may not be able to draw this one with few months of experience. And this will suit the best for Diwali night. The lamps will help the rangoli designs to be the most attractive. There is a lot that you will ave to do to make this look attractive. From the first look you might not notice the rangoli colors used there however, you will have to keep the colors simple. Don’t use very bright colors however, medium contrast colors are good to try on.

As I said you may not able to do this yourself if you are a beginner, so you might practice it before so that you don’t wrong when you do it.

Always try to keep a design as simple as you can. Simple designs can be the most attractive than overdoing it. Whatever design you take a look at you will come to know that all these are pretty simple and these doesn’t have more complex works but it looks like complex ones. It is always important to keep it simple as you can.

Diwali Rangoli Designs Freehand

diwali rangoli designs freehand

This is one of the most used rangoli designs of Diwali. It has gained a lot more popularity because it is pretty simple. Even if it is simple it is done with 10+ colors so we can’t completely say it as that simple. If you think the outer designs are a bit tough then you better try to change it to something easy. You may also try changing the colors to get a fresh look.

This design is perfect for Diwali because of the Diya design in the center. And with that design you can call this design as Diya Design or whatever you want to but I wish to call it this way.

diwali rangoli designs with colours

Another design which look complex but trust me it is much easier than these small designs out there. The bigger the design is the better you can do it. Bigger designs means more space for the designs. This one is the most perfect design for a Diwali night. With the diya in the center and also on the ends it look the best at night. And to add extra look you can also add attractive colors.

I just tried out to find the best matching video which can help you do it more easier but unfortunately, I couldn’t find it. However, I not gonna finish this empty handed. I have a video which will display a diya rangoli design which is bit different that this.

This is not that great design but still you know everything really matters. If you are the one who needs to practice doing small designs and then move to bigger designs you will need some designs like this to try on. Or maybe you will be a busy person and want a simple design as fast as you can. This really suits whatever you need is. As you see there is no many colors used in this design and this was just done within 5 mins. If you are a beginner you will surely take more time but with practice you will also be able to do it faster, actually you will be able to do it faster than this.

Diwali Rangoli Designs With Colours – Easy Rangoli Designs For Diwali 2018

Rangoli designs is all about filling the best colors. However, it is not that easy to fill the best colors. Actually, it will take some time for understand which colors will match which designs. When colors are one of the thing you will have to really take care you may also need to practice making sharp designs. You can see many design with round petals being not that round or in a perfect shape, it is due to practice. The more you practice the more you can do designs like easy rangoli designs for Diwali 2018.

diwali rangoli designs with flowers

Looking attractive? This one is a great design to try whether you are a complete beginner or a advanced user. One place where you have to be careful is the arc at the end. You should keep it neat and clean. It is bit hard to make it that sharp but as we say nothing is impossible with practice you can surely do this. Also try to use the best colors which will match each other. Without matching colors your design can look like something is missing. You of diya in the inner circle is also a great way to keep this design unique. You may also do something special in the center than the simple diya design. However, if you want this to be attractive you will have to use diya well specially in a Diwali night.

diwali rangoli photos

This is a special design that I want you guys to know deeper. This design is not that simple however, if you learn to do this design I am sure that you can do more that these simple designs. This is one of the neatest design which I have ever came across. All you have to do is keep yourself focused. You will need accurate measurements and also great design sense. As you can see there are a lot of petal like designs in the inner arc and also in the outer arc. So it is very important that you get the exact measurement of these petals and shape so that you don’t go wrong.

You can also use diya in the night to increase the attraction of this rangoli design. Also remember to use somewhat attractive and light colors if you are planing to do this in the night. If you have diyas then it doesn’t matter whether you use light colors or not. Diya can provide a lot better look. The best part of this design is that you know where to start and end the design. However this designs is not that big which makes this design to be hard for beginners.

You may also use some kind of scale to make this design look sharp. However, your hand is the most needed tool. You will need to make it as flexible as you can.

You can also try some other designs to make yourself prepare for hard designs. This videos really explains how to make a difficult design without much difficulty. This lotus design have been a great design and is used by many professionals. But as it doesn’t have a fixed shape it ranks a bit down and I don’t thing it is good for a special occasion but you can still try it if you have less time in hand.

latest rangoli designs for diwali

Hexagon designs also need a good hand to look good. This design has a white border with dark colors inside which makes this design very attractive in the night. However, as the last design you will need a sharp corners to make this design look the best. If you are not that good then you may also use scale or some other tools which can give you the sharp look. But still the curves should be done with you hands to make it look natural.

The white border is the best thing which makes this design stand out. Just look at the image above the first thing that you will notice will be the white border around for sure. The designer have kept 4 diya around on the image but I suggest you to go with your choice, you may make it 10 by filling all the corners or you can stop with the center one. However, try not to overdo any design. The simple design is the best it look. The color choice is also wonderful here however, you may try some other colors to make this more attractive. However, if you are a complete beginner then it is better to try the same colors so that you can practice it better.

Diwali Rangoli Designs With Colours

Colorful design is a secret which can make you design look attractive. I did add this category to Easy Rangoli Designs For Diwali 2018 post to make sure that you get the best colorful designs. It is not that easy to decide which color you should use. Sometimes you will need to stick to light colors or sometimes to the dark colors but sometimes you will need to mix both these colors to get the best. So you really need a good knowledge on rangoli design to make great designs.

Before we go further hard let’s do a medium rangoli design to make most out of Easy Rangoli Designs For Diwali 2018.

new rangoli designs for diwali

In first look you may thing this is pretty hard. You guessed correct here, this design is hard and can’t be done alone if you are a beginner. Even professionals asks for help to do these designs. But taking help doesn’t mean that you are not a good designer. Here in this design the main color is white however, white powder is used pretty less compared to the other colors used here.

The center of the design start with a yellow circle with dotted white border. This small center circle is surrounded by maroon colored powder. However, this circle has some petal like design with some extra add-on with it. The same border of white dotted design is also used here. This layer is then followed by a mixed blue and violet colors where the petal designs are further extended and made bigger than all others. This layer is closed with a white border followed by a large border design.

This is how the basic design of this easy rangoli designs for diwali 2018 look. However, it is you who should decide how your design should look. You may also have seen the use of diya. There is a lot of diya used to make this design look attractive. The design above is not that exactly done. You may not be able to do it in that good way but you will need to choose great colors to make this design stand out. You can easily make yourself professional with the sharp edges of the design with practice but it is hard to get the idea of color if you copy some design from us. So for you to understand it better you can use your own color choice and then make the design attractive.

small rangoli designs for diwali

This is a rangoli design but it is not made with the rangoli colors. This was drawn with paint but still this design gives a perfect look even with the rangoli colors. There are several colors used in this design and this design is one of the perfect one to get a best first impression. However, it is not that easy to get this design very sharp. You will need to be very careful to get this design look the best.

The color used is a mix of many colors so it will be difficult for you to make this design that perfect but still if you try you can easily do it.

beautiful rangoli for diwali

Here also the main color is white and white is used to get the best look for this design. All the colors used in this rangoli design match with white color so it looks the best. However, this is not for a Diwali day but you can still use it as a special rangoli design on this Diwali. The designs with white powder must be that good and sharp. If the design is not sharp enough then you are going to get it all wrong. Even if you get the same shape you will not get the same sharpness. There are some tools that rangoli designers use, if you wish to make it professional you may need to use those tools.

As you can see in the above design the inner circle has a red powder used with a Ganesh design in it. This is the simplest part of this design and if you don’t get this done well then you are not going to be perfect in the next steps. I’m sure that if you are beginner you will not be able to get this right in your first try. But after you try two or three times you will make it correct.

The next layer is of green powder with white design on it. This layer is not that easy. You will have to get that white design to be pretty perfect. You have to make every design in same length and width. However, that is not always possible but try hard to keep the difference small.

Diwali Rangoli Designs With Flowers

diwali flower rangoli

First I didn’t want to add flowers rangoli design to the Easy Rangoli Designs For Diwali 2018 list but then I thought why couldn’t make this Diwali a bit more different. Flower rangoli designs are not that popular but trust me their are many who use flower rangoli designs to get a perfect look. Most of you will surely stick with the rangoli powder designs but I suggest you to go with flowers if you are new to rangoli designs. The flowers design will not give you that much error. You can still make good and perfect design without much effort. However, it is a truth that you won’t get the perfect look with flowers rangoli design but you will always be able to change your design with ease and also you may get it look better with flowers.

This is a simple design that starts the petal from the center and ends at the end of the rangoli design. And at the end of this petal you will have a diya to give it the best look. The colors you use is a problem here too. You may not get all the colors like the rangoli powders. You will have to try harder to get the correct colors that match each other. Even here you can see the use of various colors, there are 8 colors used here, all the colors have their own need.

Latest Rangoli Designs For Diwali

diwali rangoli images designs diwali rangoli

Another peacock design which is so sharp and neat. White powder is used to make the borders of this design. The best thing about the peacock design is that you will always find a perfect pattern of colors to use in easy rangoli designs for diwali 2018 peacock design. Whatever peacock design you look at you will see a blue color peacock for sure. So if you think that you want to change it, do it.

All you will have to care about is the sharpness that you will need to make this design stand out and the colors used. You will have use the colors very carefully. If you are using your own color patterns choose them wisely. Or if you are copying the above color pattern then try not to copy all of it. Make some selections yourself. Because there is no background you will have to make it clean, a small mistake can damage the whole design.

Not such simple design but it is still simple flower design that anyone can try. This design has a overlapping pattern. You can see how the colors are used to make all flowers look different. However, this design lack sharpness, if you can add some sharpness to this design then you will get a great design.

This is one of the simplest rangoli design in Easy Rangoli Designs For Diwali 2018 which you can do without much effort. You can add some more flowers or some other designs to make this look a bit big and stylish.

New Rangoli Designs For Diwali

Now it is time to explore some new rangoli designs of Easy Rangoli Designs For Diwali 2018. If you are a beginner I suggest not to try these designs. You will come across a bit difficult designs here.

diwali special rangoli images

This is one of the most wonderful designs that I have seen. If you are capable of doing this design then you should surely do this because this design makes the day best. However, the only thing that hate in this design is the petal in the inner circle. If you are going to try this then you may need to avoid the petals design in the center circle and try something else.

Even this design lack some professional touch, it is very hard to get it exactly sharp but try your best so that you get it pretty well. You may also need to do some changes in the colors used. This design doesn’t look that attractive in the night so if you are planing to have this design in the night then you surely need to make some good changes in the design. It will be better if you use light colors instead of these dark colors. You may also use the white powder a little more to get the design work the best. And you can also use diyas more attractively by using more of them or using bigger ones. I suggest using more of them in the sides of the design.

Small Rangoli Designs For Diwali

This rangoli designs of Easy Rangoli Designs For Diwali 2018 is mainly for those beginners reading this post. I can’t say these designs are very easy and you can easily do this but I can say that you will make yourself better with this small designs. In my opinion small designs are the best designs you can always come across. It will not take that much time to complete and also you can easily finish it.

rangoli designs for diwali photos

The white color used here is really matches with the floor and gives the design and the floor a better look. This design looks a bit difficult in your first look but you can easily find out how and what to do. All you need is to observe this design very carefully and take the most out of it. This design is not that easy to make, you will need to use some tools to get it perfect but it even works with your bare hand. So it doesn’t matter what you use it is all about how much you know.

rangoli for diwali easy one

Another peacock design which is not that professional. You may have seen a lot of peacock design in this article. It shows how much popular is the peacock design. But all those design that we seen was different from each other. This is what I said, you can never copy a design, you will need to make designs yourself. If you just copy each and every design then you are not going to make anything yourself. Every time you will have to take someone’s help to get the perfect design. So, start to make designs yourself. Choose the colors you want and then start to make designs from the old designs.

For example you can take one of the designs from this article and then try to make it more attractive with change in strokes, colors and also try to remove the unwanted space around or adding some more design in the empty space or something like that.

Beautiful Rangoli For Diwali

In this section we will find out the best of Easy Rangoli Designs For Diwali 2018. We will try to find the easiest design to make. We will also look at the most beautiful designs around.

deepavali rangoli designs pictures

Not a very good design but is one of the best designs of Easy Rangoli Designs For Diwali 2018 to try if you are a beginner. This design really deals with the amount of light needed and colors used. This design has just three colors in it. They have kept this design very simple. With the white border the design looks good in low light and also good in the day light. The use of diya will help the design to stand out in the night. There is no much I need to explain about this design you can easily see what this design is all about.

deepawali rangoli image

We have been talking about a lot of rangoli designs but we have never talked about a perfect one that works only in the night. This design just works in the night. This design looks pretty good in night with the number of diyas around it.

All the colors used here matches the other colors. None of the colors are that bright or dark. The only bright color is white all other colors are dark and a matches with white border. The use of Diya with give all those dark colors a better look. This design is the number one design for Diwali night in Easy Rangoli Designs For Diwali 2018 article.

Diwali Rangoli Images Designs Diwali Rangoli

I always try to limit the number of peacock designs in an article but it is what comes to my mind when thinking of a great rangoli design. All the peacock design looks good in every angle. These design will give simple an also clean designs at the same time peacock design are also one of the most complex designs. You might be thinking that you haven’t noticed that hard peacock design in Easy Rangoli Designs For Diwali 2018. If you think so, check this out.

diwali rangoli hd image

Easy, Uh? Might be easy for the one drawn it but for me it is one of the hardest design that I have ever come across. The design has everything in it. It has the sharpness that a design need. It has a fantastic colors used in it.

The only thing that I dislike on this design is the empty area in the left. However, I can’t say that I 100% dislike it. I like that gap but it doesn’t suits that much. There is a lot of Diyas on the end of the design and these Diyas will give the design a nice look in the night. Each and every colors used in this Easy Rangoli Designs For Diwali 2018 gives this design a better look. There is not wasted place in this design. This design is small and kept clean. If you are a beginner just try it with someone’s help. You may not be able to do it in you first time but you will be able to do it with some tries.

Diwali Special Rangoli Images

We have been through many designs in Easy Rangoli Designs For Diwali 2018 article. But now I will give you one of the special design and my selection for this diwali. I am really gonna try this design this diwali. If you want to try this design with me then come on.

easy rangoli designs for diwali photos

You might be thinking that I’m sick with this peacock designs. But the truth is this design has everything a rangoli design needs. You can notice a fade in the peacock’s face and the neck. You can also see the use of light and dark blue colors in used in the whole design makes the design look real. This deign is not a easy one, we will have to work so hard to get this design sharp. One thing that misses in this design is the place to keep the diyas. I wish I had the design a bit for bigger so I can find a place to place the diyas. However, that small error is not going to make me move away from this nice design for this diwali.

Rangoli Designs For Diwali Photos

We are just finishing this article, I want all of you to make this Diwali one of the best one with our latest designs. The article on Easy Rangoli Designs For Diwali 2018 was just for make yourself come with a new design for this Diwali. You will have to find a design and then make it better with your own touch to it.

Every design will have something lacking in it. To make a perfect design all you have to do is to find out what really lacks in the design and then fix it. Sometimes it will be the color, or maybe the sharpness or there can be any other simple mistakes that can happen to a design. So try to find the best design.

Easy Rangoli Designs For Diwali 2018

Before I end this Easy Rangoli Designs For Diwali 2018 article, I just want to show you one more interesting design. This is one of the smallest design with much better look than any other big designs.

I just want you to find out the mistakes in this design and then try to solve it. It won’t be that easy if you starting with rangoli designs. But once you have done it then you will be able to try out any other designs that I mentioned in this Easy Rangoli Designs For Diwali 2018 article.

As I said always try to keep your designs simple. You may buy some tools for designing rangoli designs and then make it more perfect. It will surely take time to make a design work well. A perfect design will take time. Most of you will start slow and you will rush it to the end which can make the design look the worst. You may start the design with some speed but you should really slow down the design.

If you work faster it is easy to make mistake and if you make mistake then you will have to spend 2x time to correct that mistake. So it is better to keep the design in your control.

If you have made out something of this Easy Rangoli Designs For Diwali 2018 article then make sure that you comment it down. Also send us your rangoli designs through our facebook page. We will publish your designs in our blog after diwali.

Easy Rangoli Designs For Diwali 2018 Designs

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