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Pulli Poo Kolam – Pulli Poo Kolangal – Flower Pulli Kolam – Flower Pulli Kolangal – Big Pulli Kolam

Pulli poo kolam,  from the kolam with colors I’ve decided on to hide the ribs drawn to the floral styles by introducing the colors.  We also can include the ribs once again soon after filling the colors.

Superior and straightforward rangoli models for Diwali  Eventually I’ve chose to change more than from blogspot to my (customized) domain.  rangolisansdots….

Drawing a rangoli or kolam on drinking water is by by itself is hard – drawing a rangoli / kolam in drinking water and which makes it keep desires some system being adopted.  So I’ve demonstrated the tactic by way of a sequence of pictures.  The course of action is as follows

The kolam over is of dot grid fifteen to one (ner pulli).  Nevertheless it really is with fifteen dots it is comparatively straightforward to draw.  The styles beneath the neck (that stand for the wings! are drawn very first over the four sides.  The central floral sample is added.

Mother nature performs a significant aspect in drawing rangoli ( or kolam). It definitely is but purely normal that we imitate (or duplicate) her. Certainly (!) we have to try and entice beautiful birds as gorgeous (!) rangoli. We simply simply cannot occur anywhere around Mother Nature when will involve normal elegance, hues. Of the many birds, the peacock (India’s nationwide hen) has fascinated us for ages for its beautiful plumage. This straightforward rangoli the latest rangoli framework added right here a humble try to check just one with merely a 5 by five dot template to attract peacocks (!

pulli poo kolam Using the exact same 7 by seven dot grid we could possibly get a Pongal kolam or Sankranti muggulu with dots by using a Pongal Paanai and two sugar cane along with the Solar.

For the reason that dot pattern is 21 to 11 it’s going to take fairly a while to complete it. They may signify the claws of the tiger so it is also referred to as puli nagam kolam In keeping with my elder sister who’s an authority in rangoli building.

pulli poo kolam Plain rangoli models can be used for drawing at the entrance of our households, for practising this artwork and also for actions like colouring the styles.  Consequently some rangoli types from my assortment of rangoli styles from different spots in Rangolisansdots.

Last but not least fill the remaining Room Together with the floral and also other motifs .  Incorporate colours for the rangoli style as shown within the image above.  It might be stopped at this time.  On the other hand I’ve filled the qualifications also with rangoli powder to give an Improved outcome.

I needed to try one thing unique. This one is actually a kolam by using a dot sample 6 dot by 6.  Frankly, this layout will not be what I planned but as I stated over and over the impact of free hand styles can make me alter the structure whilst drawing.

During this class of kolam designs, the next kolam is a seven to 4 dot kolam with floral petal designs.  The black and white impression displays The 2 ways of your kolam, the primary just one Along with the dot pattern and the second kolam is definitely the white kolam phase.  The completed kolam is shown in the subsequent picture.

Connect the styles as proven.  Fill with parallel lines of different colours. The pattern in the centre is a simple floral petal design and style and this I’ve utilised in a few rangoli types.  The remaining dots also are accustomed to get additional flower and leaf designs to have the rangoli.

The following kolam is of dot pattern 11 to 6 (idukku pulli).  This is an easy floral design.  Attract the six bouquets within the central flower.    The gaps involving the bouquets are converted into straightforward styles using the remaining dots.  At last fill the many types with colour rangoli powder to obtain the picture shown below. The trick is to find the floral petal designs on the centre and on the skin, appropriate to acquire a beautiful impact on the rangoli.

The kolam on the top has rose to be a concept.  A simple design that could be drawn cost-free hand or using a five by five dot template. get more info  Draw the sq. (or rhombus). Make use of the dots inside to find the floral petals plus the stalks on the roses.

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